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Full text of "Rules and regulations, revised January 1915."

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-—■ o~4 OF THE £"»•— 

Army of Tennessee 






-« : a of the c=: ■♦- 


—<••-# OF THE *~*> — 

Army of Tennessee 


Revised January, 1915 






Revised January 8th, 1915 



Section 1. All applications for membership 
must be presented in writing at a regular meeting, 
must state the full name, age, residence, occupation 
or profession of applicant, must contain a brief 
record of his or his ancestor's military career and 
history from the time of cntcriiuj the service until 
the surrender; must be endorsed by two members 
of the Association in good standing; and when 


for a Veteran membership, mueb bc accomnaniJi 
by the initiation fee, and shall bo "re ad ho e 
M-ss,n„ an,! referred to the Investigating CoiiSS 
tee to he reported and acted on at th,> S2 
-,uJar meeting unless fur^^ne't gram"" 

mSi, 2 ; Application for membership may be re 

. f l . \ ' ? ve . n affer tho election of the cun- 
.Mate the Association for cause shown, may recon- 
sider the vote at any time prior to'sig, i„ I the 
Act of Incorporation, i„ which event, the appliei 

, ?n,K my , b n P ° Stp0 " e « l f01 ' furt *er invostLt * 

another ballot may be taken the same evening/ 

aS"? 3 ' •?. Sha " bc the *"** of any member of 
flua Association knowing aught dorogaton- t the 
character or qualifications of a candidate, to eve, 
the same to the President or to the Invest i» { „ 
Committee, ami the name of the n,,,,!, ^ 
•such disclosure shall in no case be divulged * 

« a ff\ 4 "l ^ ct ! ons for membership shall in all 

s on r\.l i ;. M Iwcted by the President, and 
f' al t] e b ? ll « ^st be white, the cam Mate 

o. U ll^^Ti 1 dl,,y eIectert - Sh0 »''l there be 
less than three black balls cast, the President shaH 
order another ballot to be taken immediat d so a 
to make sure that the black balls were not cast 

lin nvl f econ ? ba,,ot ' the application shall 

he over for six months. Three or more black balls 
s»a sutbce to reject a candidate. Ho -eve 
a 1 the members who cast the black balls shomd : 
the next stated meeting, move, in writing re- 
consideration of the vote, then a new ballot may be 
entered ,nto at the same or next regular mSg* 

and if then all the balls he white the candidate 
ii be declared elected. 

si r. ."). No application for membership shall be 
withdrawn after it has been referred to the Inves- 
tigating Committee, unless by consent of the Asso- 
« :il ion. 

Se<3, (5. Every person on being admitted a mem- 
ber of this Association, shall sign the Charter and 
provide himself with a badge of the Association 
and a copy of the Charter, Rules and Regulations. 

sic. 7. Failure to comply with Section 6 on or 
I efore the third regular meeting after his notifica- 
tion of election, shall forfeit to the Association, 
i lu i initiation fees and render void the election of 
any member, if living in the City of New Orleans; 
if living outside, DO days from notification of elec- 
tion by the Corresponding Secretary, will be al 
lowed to comply with the above section, and to 
send a written acceptance of membership and ap- 
proval of the Charter and Rules and Regulations, 
receipt of which, with date thereof, shall be made 
on the Record opposite the member's name, by the 
Recording Secretary. 

Sec. 8. Any person who, by false representa* 
tions, shall obtain admission to membership in tln< 
Association, when not cligil lc, shall be expelled; 
and his name shall be posted in a conspicuous place 
in the meeting room, stating the cause that led to 
his expulsion. 

Sec. 9. Any member who shall refuse or fail to 
pay up all indebtedness standing against him, at 
a monthly meeting, as provided in Article X, Sec- 
tion 2, Par. 2, shall lose his good standing in the 
Association, and no member, unless he be in good 


^aing, shall be eligible to office, or entitled to 
the benefits of the Association. * 

Sec 10. Members shall be classed as J c «w 

Sec. 11 Z,i/ e Membership shall be accorded to 

thP n?2 . r Con " mi ^ Cat,ons askin 8 to ** Placed on 
he , L,f c Membership roll shall be read at regular 
meeting and must have the amount enclosed. g 

Sec. 12. Life Members shall be entitled to all 

[nLT^ ° f th t Aetive ' an «* ** exempt from 
all fines, dues or other charges, except in case of elected to, and holding office; in whicTclse 

ad white so doing, they shall be liable to fhnX 

and penalties of Active members. 

Sec. 13. Life Members shall be exempt from all 
c-omnnttees; should they voluntarily accept hey 
shall be subject to same penalties imposed on Ac 
Mve members for dereliction of duties 

™f£°i* U ' n °' wran J Membership may be ac- 
corded any person for distinguished services ren 
dered the ate Confederate States of America or 

his shall require a vote of two-thirds of the mem- 
bers present at a regular meeting. 

Sec. 15. Honorary Members shall be exenmt 
from all service, dues, fines, and other charges P 

Sec. 16. Sons of Confederate Veterans— In 
accordance with Article III of the Chacon an 
after January 1st, 7915, all persons who are de 

K pendants of such Confederate Army or jNaxy 
Veterans as are or were possessed of the qualifica- 
tions required by the Charter, shall after due ex- 
inninat ion and recommendation by the Investigat- 
ing Committee and election by the Veteran mem- 
bers, be entitled to full membership in the Asso- 
i dation of the Army of Tennessee, Louisiana Di- 
vision, and as corporate members of the Associa- 
t Ion, on the same terms possessed and enjoyed by 
l In- Confederate Veteran members, provided the of- 
fices of President and the three Vice-Presidents 
Shall be filled only by the Confederate Veteran 
members. Applicants must be at least twenty-one 
years of age. 

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are hereby 
recognised as the successors of the Veteran mem- 
bers and shall be entitled to all the privileges and 
benefits accorded the Veteran members and en- 
titled to serve on committees and hold offices other 
than those of President and Vice-Presidents, shall 
be exempt from paying any initiation fee, and 
shall only be required to pay monthly dues of fifty 
cents as required of Veteran members. 

Sec. 17. No resignation of membership shall 
be entertained unless the member is clear of the 



Section 1, The regular meetings of this Asso- 
ciation shall be as follows, to wit: 

1. — The Annual Reunion, which shall take place 
on April 6th of each year, at such hour as may 
be designated by the Executive Committee. When 
the 6th of April falls on a Sunday or Holy Day, 
the reunion shall be held on the following day. 


im-The Annual Meet in ff , which shall he held on 
; iu V:r „ : , Tuesday of each-year, at seven thi^ 

ihe"^T!^ t'"" r V *"«'"?' "We* shalJ be held on 
• he second Tuesday of eaeh month during the vear 
at seven thirty o'clock I\ M. 7 

oftvT Th0 ? uart<Jr ^ •"/"""</, which shall be held 
at the regular monthly meetings of January, April 
•Inly and October of eaeh year. l ' 

Sec, 2. Special meetings for the transaction of 

particular -or urgent business may be called at any 

■me by the President, and shall also be called by 

him at the written request of five (5) members in 

fZ ZT^ PU[,UC 1,0tiCe ° f aI1 W«l meet 
paper, ^^ ** °' le ° r more ,,aiI ^ Gi 4 

Sec. 3. At all meetings it shall require fifteen 

;ooL?7 r Sentlte *' to vote t0 institute * 
quorum for business, but with that number only in 

attendance, no appropriation shall be made wW 
«ut ujiamnious vote. 


Miction of Officers. 

Section 1 The election for officers shall be held 
at the annual meetings. Their term of office shall 

stoned. year ' or thcir snecefcSors a ™ ""- 

Sec. 2. The election shall be conducted by ballot 

Ji l n n fTM ,,,0re tha V nC ( ' an<,Wlate is in Na- 
tion for the same ofhee, and the vote shall be re- 
ceived and counted by two members, to be ap- 
pointed as tellers by the President; The candidate 


having a majority of votes cast shall be declared 
duly elected; but should there be more than two 
« andidates for the same office, and no one having 
:i majority, the lowest candidate shall be dropped 
on the second ballot, ami this course shall be con- 
tinued until the candidates are reduced to two. 

Sec. 3. Nominations shall be made only on the 
• fay of election, and the election shall take place 
separately in the order of enumeration in Article 
IV of Charter. 

Sec. 4. Whenever there is but one candidate 
for an office, the vote may, on motion, be taken 
viva voce. 

Ski-. 5. In the event of a failure to elect any or 
all the officers on the day assigned for the annual 
meeting, the election shall be completed at next 
regular meeting, and such officers, whose places 
have not been filled, shall hold over until their sue 
ce^ors have been elected and inducted into office. 

Sec. 6. The officers elect shall assume the duties 
of their office on the day of election. 

Qualified Horn for Office. 

Section 1. No member shall be eligible to office 
unless he is in good standing. 


Duties of Officers. 

Section 1. The President shall preside at all 
meetings of the Association, enforce order and a 
strict observance of its laws, see that proper re- 


Sec 2. The Vice-Presidents shall assist th* 

mg to said office, with the powers of the pre- 
ceding Section conferred upon him. P 

Sec. 3 The First Vice-President shall be Chair 
'»:>" of the Executive Committee. P S , ( , 

Vice-President shall be Chairman of the Ton 
Committee. The Third Vice-President ahaU be 
Chairman of the Relief Committee. 

seaf E of 4 ;h. T A e Reoo l (ii » 1 g Secretary shall keep the 
l&t, a Roll Book, ,n which shall be recorded alpha 


betically the names of the members, their resi- 
denccs or addresses, their former commands and 
rank and -date of their election. 2nd, a Report 
I'. ok, in which s-hall be entered or filed the reports 
of all special or standing Committees and Officers. 
3rd, a Book containing the Charter, Rules and 
Regulations, and any amendment to the same, and 
In- signatures of the members. -1th. a Minute 
Book) in which shall be recorded an accurate 
record of the proceedings of the meetings. He 
shall notify the members of all Committees of their 
appointment, and give the names of members of 
l lie Committee to the Chairman. He shall report 
at each quarterly meeting the condition of the As- 
sociation, the number of members admitted since 
the last report, the number of deaths, resignations, 
suspensions, expulsions, reinstatements, etc., and 
i he date thereof, and perforin such other duties 
as may be required of him. He shall, at the ex- 
piration of his term, deliver to his successor all 
books, papers, etc., in his possession belonging to 
the Association. He shall sign all certificates of 
membership and rank all officers after the Viec- 
I'nsidents. He shall not be required to give bond, 
and shall be exempt from all dues anil service on 
Committees ami receive such other compensation 
as the Association may order. He shall submit Djfi 
looks when called for by the President or snCJh 
Committees as may be entrusted with the exam- 
ination of the same. 

Sec. 5, The Financial Secretary shall keep the 
tallowing books: 1st, a Cash Book, in which all 
collections shall be immediately entered, and the 
source specified. 2nd, a Receipt Book, contain- 
ing the Treasurer's receipts for all moneys paid 
over to him. 3rd, a Ledger, in which he shall keep 
a just and true account between the Association 


and its members and all other accounts. He shall 
collect all moneys, fines, dues and initiation fees 
and credit the sums when paid, give his receipt 
t'nr the same, pay over to the Treasurer all moneys 
collected, ami take his receipt. He shall draw his 
warrant on the Treasurer for all his bills properly 
audited by the Finance Committee, and ordered 
paid by the Association; provided, he shall only 
draw his warrant against funds actually in the 
Treasury of the Association. He shall notify all 
members in arrears. He shall furnish a list of 
suspended members that may have paid up ami are 
entitled to reinstatement. Previous to his being 
installed he shall give a bond with good and sol- 
vent security for One Thousand Dollars, for the 
faithful performance of these duties he shall be 
exempt from all dues and service on Committees, 
and receive such other compensation as the Asso- 
ciation may order. He shall grant free access to 
his books and accounts to the President and Pi- 
nance Committee whenever they may deem it 
proper, after twenty-four hours notice. 

Sec. G. The Corresponding Secretary shall be 
Chairman of the Historical Committee; his duties 
shall be to notify in writing all members of their 
election, to write all communications not otherwise 
ordered, to correspond with members resident in 
New Orleans or elsewhere. He shall be custodian 
of all Historical material obtained by the Com- 
mittee, which he shall keep properly collated and 
recorded in such books as the Committee may 
decide. H'e shall keep a Letter Book, in which 
shall be copied all letters written by him, and shall 
perform such other duties connected with his office 
that the Association may assign to him. He shall 
give free access to his records and books to the 
President and Committees that may be appointed 


in examine the ^ame, For the faithful performance 
of these duties he shall be exempt from all dues 
and service on the Relief Committee, and he shall 
receive such other compensation as the Association 
N iv order. He shall, at the expiration of his term 
of offic?, deliver all books, papers, etc., belonging 
lo the Association, to his successors. 

Sue. 7, The Treasurer shall be the custodian of 
all moneys, shares of stocks, commercial instru- 
irents and other evidences of the investment of the 
hinds of the Association of every character; he 
hall keep a book in which he shall enter all 
moneys received, the source and dates, as well as 
nil the moneys disbursed, with the amounts and 
dates separately, in one general account, from 
which all payments shall be made. He shall re- 
ceive from the Financial Secretary all moneys, 
fines, dues and initiation fees, and receipt to him 
for the same, pay all orders drawn on him when 
higned by the President and countersigned by the 
Tinanclal Secretary, kesp a correct account of 
all moneys received or disbursed, ami at each quar- 
\< rly meeting shall make a report showing receipts 
and expenditures, with Valances on hand and 
;i mounts due by the Association, and at the close 
of his term furnish a full statement, together with% 
nil vouchers and papers relating thereto to the 
finance Committee. He shall also make monthly* 
atements in writing of the condition of funds, 
lie shall deposit all funds in the name of the As- 
Miciation in a Bank selected by the Finance Com- 
mittee, and shall draw his check against such de- 
posits to pay lawful warrants, which check must 
be countersigned by the President in order to en- 
I il le it to be paid. 

He shall grant free access to his books and ac« 



counts for inspection by the President ami Finance 
Commit toe, whenever they deem it proper so to do 
:i fter twenty four hours notice. 

Previous to receiving the books, funds and othei 
property from his predecessor, he shall furnish 
bond with one or more sureties, in .solido, in the 
sum of One Thousand Dollais, to be approved by 
the Finance Committee, and then delivered to the 

Upon ceasing to be Treasurer, whether by exJ 
juration of his term or otherwise, he shall deliver 
to his successor, or to smdi person or persons as 
may be appointed by the President, all moneys, 
books, papers, etc., in his possession ami belonging! 
to the Association, under penalty of expulsion, a 
well as forfeiture of his bond. 

For the faithful performance of these duties hel 
shall be exempt from all dues and service on Com- 

In case of death of the Treasurer, the receipt^ 
and accounts of the Financial Secretary shall b< 
sufficient vouchers. 

Sec. 8. The Physicians shall attend to all mem- 
bers requiring their services; they shall make an- 
nual reports to the Association of such services, 
and shall receive such compensation as the Asso- 
ciation may determine. 


Vacancies and Absence of Officers. 

Section 1. Any Officer or Chairman of Com 
mittee who shall, without leave or sufficient excuse, 
absent himself from three consecutive meetings, or 
who, after election, shall fail within thirty days to 
qualify or to signify his acceptance, shall forfeit 


lis office, and the same may be declared vacant by 
:i vote of the Association. 

Sec. 2. Vacancies in elective ollices may be filled 
pro tempore by appointment of the Chair; but 
thai] be regularly filled by election, at the next 
irgular meeting, after such vacancies shall have 

SEC. 3. Leave of absence must be obtained by 
nil Officers and Chairmen of Standing Committees, 
for any absence which shall extend to more than 
one meeting. 

Skc. 4. Any Officers intending to leave the city 
or expecting to be absent from any of its meetings, 
hhall notify the President, or in his absence the 
next ranking officer, previous to the meeting, and 
shall place in his hands or within his reach all 
I inks, papers and effects of this Association. 

Xrni compliance with Section 4 shall be punished 
l.y a fine to be fixed by a vote of the Association. 


General Duties of Officers. 

All Officers and Standing Committees shall make 
mi annual report of their stewardship. These re-,* 
pints ?diall he placed in the President's hands one 
week before the annual meeting, that he may in 
corporate them in his final report to the Associa- 
tion, and they shall be presented to the Associa- 
tion with such report. 



Section 1. There shall be the following stand 
Ing committees: 



1st. The Executive Committee, composed of thet 
three Vice-Presidents, three Secretaries and Treas-J 
iirer, of which the First Vice-President shall bel 


2nd. The Tomb Committee, composed of four 
members, besides the Second Vice-President, who, 
shall be Chairman. 

3rd. The Relief Committee, composed of seven! 
members, besides the Third Vice President, who 
shall be Chairman, and as Chairman shall be ex-j 
empt from payment of dues. 

4th. The Historical Committee, composed oi 
Jour members and the Corresponding Secretary,! 
who shall he Chairman. 

5th. The Investigating Committee, composed of| 
seven members. 

6th. The Finance Committee, composed of three] 

Sec. 2. The Executive Committee shall have 
charge of all matters appertaining to arrangements! 
for reunions and meetings of the Association. It 
shall arrange for the funeral of a member when] 
buried at the expense of the Association; and to 
that end, immediately after their election they( 
shall make a contract in writing with a responsible! 
undertaker, to attend to all funerals ordered bj 
the Association during the year. It shall be the] 
duty of said Committee to attend all meetings oi 
the Association, and take charge of, and carry] 
out all other matters referred to it. It shall as- 
sist the President with advice whenever he may re^ 
quest them to meet him for consultation. 

Sec. 3. The Tomb Committee shall have special 
■ harge of the Monumental Tomb of this Associa- 
1 ion. They shall be the Trustees of the Tomb 
Kund, and shall be charged with the investment of 
ihe funds thereof, in the name and under the di- 
ii-ftion of this Association. The Treasurer shall 
collect the interest, or dividends, and the principal 
of said investments, and give proper account there- 
of to the Financial Secretary. They shall keep 
minutes of their proceedings. 

They shall keep a complete reeord, in duplicate, 
of every deceased member interred in the Tomb of 
this Association, with an alphabetical Index there- 
to, whereof one copy shall be in the custody of the 
Chairman of the Tomb Committee and another 
at the Cemetery, in such suitable place and keep- 
ing as they shall provide. 

Interment in the Tomb shall be made upon the 
order of the Chairman, or of the member of 
the Tomb Committee whom he shall appoint to 
act for him in his absence, who shall designate the 
vault by its number, upon presentation of a Cer- 
tificate from the Financial Secretary, showing 
membership in good standing. 

Provided, that in case of emergency, temporary 
interment may be made on order of the Executives 
Committee approved by the President. 

The Association may ordain such rules, and pass 
from time to time such laws respecting said Fund, 
.is it may deem proper, being consistent with the 
rides and the Charter of the Association, but it 
shall in no event divert to any other purpose any 
of the funds directed to be paid into the Tomb 
Kund, or dispose of any of the assets belonging to 
I he fund for any other purpose, but that for which 
i hey were intended. 



Sec. 4. The Belief Committee shall examine into 
all applications for relief, and all cases of distress 
among members. In cases of distress, the Chair- 
man of the Committee is empowered to warrant 
on the Treasurer for a sum not exceeding Ten Dol- 
lars ($10.00) in any one ease as this Committee 
ma}' determine. 

Any member of this Association in arrears, 
which under the terms of these rules, make him 
liable to suspension, shall be reported by the Fi- 
nancial Secretary to the Relief Committee, and 
said Committee is hereby clothed with full power 
and discretion, if in its judgment necessary to 
grant relief to such delinquent member to the 
extent of said arrears and oflicially report such 
action to the Financial Secretary for entrv in his 

The Relief Committee shall have full charge of 
all necessary arrangements for the burial of mem- 

In time of much sickness among members, the 
President, at the request of the Committee, 'shall 
appoint such members to assist them in their duties 
as he may deem proper. 

The only relief to be granted to or claimed by a 
member of this Association, shall be such as the 
Relief Committee may judge necessary, and as the 
Association shall, from time to time, order. All 
applications for relief shall be referred to the Re- 
lief Committee for investigation. 

SEC. 5. The I/tvcstif/atinfl Committee shall thor- 
oughly inquire into the record of all applicants, 
and conscientiously discharge the duties as laid 
down in Section 1, Article I of Rules and Regula- 
tions, and of Article III of the Charter, 

They shall meet once every month and report in 

writing, and shall keep a record of all applications 
I ) resented to them, with date, and whether ap- 
proved or disapproved. 

Sec, 6. The Historical Committee shall attend 
to the collection of all information, data, docu- 
ments, papers, reports, histories, narratives, letters, 
diaries and other materials, facts, incidents, plans, 
maps, sketches, prints, books, mementoes, statistics 
and everything relating to the War, the States en- 
gaged in it, the troops sent from each, and espe- 
« ially from Louisiana, the resources of each dur- 
ing the war, and all other matters of use or value 
to the future Historian of the War between the 

They shall direct their efforts to obtain rolls of 
all organisations of troops from Louisiana. Their 
records shall be in charge of the Corresponding 
Secretary, and kept collated as the Committee may 

Sec. 7. The Finance Committee shall examine 
all claims against the Association and report quar- 
trrly. They shall select the Bank of Deposit, and 
approve the Bond of the Treasurer and the Finan- 
cial Secretary, and turn same over to the President 
and supervise all other matters appertaining to the 
finances of the Association. "V 

All claims which they find correct, they shall*, 

At the end of their term, or in case of resigna* 
lion of the Financial Secretary or Treasurer, they 
shall examine their books ami report thereon at 
the first stated meeting thereafter. 

Sec. 8. All Standing Committees shall keep 
minutes of their proceedings, which they shall 
t urn over to their successors. 



All reports of Committees must bo made in 
writing and signed by a majority of members 

All Chairmen of Committees failing or neglect- 
ing- to perform such duties as prescribed for them, 
shall, after the same be made known to the Asso- 
ciation, be liable to such penalty as tne Associa- 
tion may order. 


Of the Funds of the Association— Their Distribu- 

Section 1. The funds of the Association shall 
be comprised in one general fund. 

At the annual meeting in each year the Tomb 
Committee shall present a budget setting forth 
the sum required for the care and maintenance 
of the Tomb, ami the Association shall appropriate, 
for the ensuing year such sum as it may deem 
necessary and expedient for that purpose. The 
present investment of the funds of the Association 
now existing for the benefit of the Tomb shall 
remain and continue devoted to the uses and pur- 
poses of the Tomb. 

Sec. 2. No money shall be drawn from the Gen- 
eral Fund, unless on an order signed by the Presi- 
dent and countersigned by the Financial Seere- 
hi r.v, and with the exception of the relief allow 
ance, and such funeral expenses as may be author- 
ized, the appropriation of all sums of money shall 
require a three-fourths (%) vote of members pres- 
ent in good standing. 

Sec. 3. No assessment shall ever be levied by 
this Association upon its members for any purpose 


Fees, Dues, Fines and Penalties. 

SECTION 1. The fees of admission for Veteran 
members shall be Four Dollars, and no admission 
shall be charged Sons of Confederate Veterans. 

Sec. 2, Par. I. The only dues to be charged to 
members of this Association, until otherwise pro- 
vided, shall he the sum of fifty cents (50c.) per 
month, payable monthly. 

Far. 2. A113" member of this Association who 
shall be indebted to the Association for one year's 
dues, six dollars ($ti), and who shall neglect or fail 
to pay the same at or before the next monthly 
meeting of the Association, after notice to pay 
the arrearages /shall have been given, shall stand 
suspended from membership in the Association. 

Par. 3. Any member suspended for no other 
cause than the non-payment of dues, shall be re- 
stored to good standing by the payment in his life- 

1 ime of the one year's dues, six dollars. 

Sec. 3. That because of their diminished capa- 
city to earn a livelihood, the following classes of 
members be exempted from the payment of month 
l\ dues, to wit: 

1, All members who lost either arm or leg in 
active service in the Confederate Army or Navy. 

2. All members permanently disabled by wounds 
in such services, such disability to appear by the 
written declaration of the member so disabled ap- 
proved by the Surgeon of the Association, if such 
member resides in this city. If such member re- 
sides in the country, he must furnish the certificate 


of a competent practicing physician as to the na- 
ture ami details of his disability, which must be 
submitted to the approval of the Surgeon of this 
Association, who shall be required to state his rea- 
sons in case of disapproval, ami which must be 
submitted to the Association for its final action. 

Sec. 3. That any member of this Association 
borne upon its roll, and who may be disabled or 
suffering from disease not resulting from his own 
excesses or intemperance, or who may enter the 
Soldieis' Home shall be exempted from the pay- 
ment of any dues to this Association while so 

Sec. 4. Should any member be guilty of gross- 
ly immoral or scandalous conduct, or of any crime 
accounted infamous, he shall be expelled, ami this 
Association shall have the right to reclaim his cer- 
tificate of membership for cancellation. 



Section 1. All motions to amend, alter or re- 
pcsil these Rules and Regulations or any portion 
thereof must be made in writing, presented at a 
regular meeting, and read in open session; they 
shall then lie over until the next regular meeting, 
to be again read in open session and acted upon. 

Sec. 2. No amendment, alteration, or repeal 
shall be considered adopted unless it receives an 
affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members in 
good standing, present and voting at a meeting. 


ORDKR 01-' lit'SIXKKS. 

In the transaction of business, this Association 
shall be governed by the usual rules of procedure 
and debate in deliberative bodies. 

The following shall be the order of business; 

1. Calling the meeting to order. 
Calling of the Roll. 
Reading of the minutes. 
Collection of Dues. 
Report of the Treasurer. 
Report of the Recording Secretary. 
Report of the Financial Secretary. 
Report of Executive Committee and action 

Report of Investigating Committee and ac 

tion thereon. 
Report of the Finance Committee and action 

Report of the Relief Committee and action 

Report of the Tomb Committee and action 

RepoTt of the Historical Committee and ac- 
tion thereon. *\ 
Report of Special Committees and actio 

Reading of Application for membership. 
Unfinished Business. 
New Business. 
Order of the Day. 
Reading of Communications. 
Election of Officers. 
Installation of Officers.